Only Bullguard, Avast, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Trusteer and Zemana passed the BBC Test

Online Banking Security

Online Banking Security

Only the Bullguard, Avast, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Trusteer and Zemana were able to block a banking virus according to BBC. Only these software passed the BBC Test conducted in 2012. Watch the BBC Click Program to check and find out that what is a financial malware and how this established Malware Zeus, tricks some of the most reputed security software. Even some top security products were unable to detect that. You can read more about this in the article on BBC website.

IF your computer is infected with Zeus, Be ready for loosing money or you can not be sure that what transaction will it take place in background or can share your sensitive information.

What is Zeus:
Zeus is a trojan horse which steals sensative specially banking information. Zeus is also known as Zbot, PRG, Wsnpoem, Kneber and Gorhax. It grabs the information using keystroke logging and form grabbing. You can be infected through unreliable downloads and phishing schemes. It was identified in 2007 and affected some reputed companies like Bank of America, NASA, Monster, ABC, ORacle, Cisco, Amazon etc. This is an estimate that due to zeus attacks US banks are costing $1 billion every year.

How to be safe:

  • Always use a good Antivirus software and keep it updated to get protected from any newly detected threats.
  • always keep updated your browsers and operating system. Always keep on the windows update.
  • As these days mostly attacks are Malware attacks, So always install a good Behavioral Anti Malware software along with your antivirus security and keep it updated.
  • Always use the Internet Security Suite instead of simple Antivrus program it gives your more protection.
  • Always be aware when you browse or download internet and keep an eye on unusual things. Never click unwanted things or download about which your are not sure.

See the latest update , Test and Results conducted by MRG-Effitas.

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