Is it a trusted source to download the Chrome OS?

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  • Is it a trusted source to download the Chrome OS?

    I was searching with the keyword “google chrome os download” in Google. And found this link on the top of the results

    At first look it looks like the official page from the Google. But actually it is not as it is from Google sites where anyone can make the pages with their content.

    Anyway Now my question is that this page almost no content and it is redirecting users to third party site. So is it a trusted source to download the Chrome OS?

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    Actually given link is for the Cr Linux OS and not the Chrome OS. It could be similar to Chrome OS but not the Google Chrome OS. In the footer it is clearly written “Cr OS Linux is not related to Google“.

    As I know there is no official download available for Chrome OS. But you may download the Chromium OS. Chromium OS is also not for for the consumers, but is for the developers. So you can only get the source code and need to build it yourself. Though there are many developers who made the compiled version. So make sure that you trust the developer from where you are downloading the build version of Chromium OS. Read the detail here

    Chromium is an open source operating system, any developer can use the source to build an OS. Google customized and enhanced the Chromium to use with its Chrome book and named it as Google Chrome OS.

    So you may download the source if you trust the website. But be cautious if there are no reviews.

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