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    If you are new to the Laravel then make sure you are not creating the blade files under app folder, it should be under the resources folder. This is a common mistake by the newbies otherwise t should work fine.

    There are two view in the Laravel 8 in the App/views and another is Resources/views. Blade comes under Resources/views folder. Hope it will solve your issue.

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    Simply use the controller in your web.php file.

    use App\Http\Controllers\ExpenseController;


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    Make sure that model name is correct everywhere. And if everything is okay then I am sure you are not using the

    use App\Models\expense;

    So use the above line in your expenseSeeder.php and let us know if it fix this issue?


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    Actually it is not the issue of version. It is the length of the string. index key took 4 bytes per character. So maximum length for a key should be 250. (250 x 4 = 1000). But if length is not defined then it take the default length of 255 which crosses the maximum limit of 1000 bytes. 191 is the safest value to define.

    So here to resolve this issue. Either define the length in the migration file. Or set a default value in the AppServiceProvider.php

    Go to app/providers directory and open the file AppServiceProvider.php

    Add the following line after the namespace declaration

    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;

    and then in boot method add the following line


    So basically solution provided by @Sachin is a working fix for this.

    I wonder, why Laravel is not setting it in its default installation? Because new users hesitate to change something in core files. Refer here for more information

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    You should update the WordPress and all installed plugins. Logout clear cache and then try to open it again.

    Another reason that it could be due to some cache plugin. So try clearing cache of the cache plugin. I faced the same issue on one of my website and I fixed it using the above procedure. Hopefully it will work for you.

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    It depends on your use. If you have only internet related work then Chrome book could be okay. But if you need to install some specific software then you should go with Windows. Actually you can not install the Windows based software in Chrome book. But for basic tasks like word, excel, power point Chrome book will do fine. You may refer this comparing Mac book vs Chrome Book vs Windows.

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    Chrome OS is an enhanced version of open source chromium OS designed for the Chrome Book. No official download is available for it. Check out the official website here.

    Actually Chrome OS is based on the open source project Chromium OS. . But this is not available for the consumers. Only developers can get the source code of the Chromium check out here .

    Developers can compile and build their own version. If you require for the virtual box experience you may search for the developers who have already built the Chromium OS. But download only from the trusted source.

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    Actually given link is for the Cr Linux OS and not the Chrome OS. It could be similar to Chrome OS but not the Google Chrome OS. In the footer it is clearly written “Cr OS Linux is not related to Google“.

    As I know there is no official download available for Chrome OS. But you may download the Chromium OS. Chromium OS is also not for for the consumers, but is for the developers. So you can only get the source code and need to build it yourself. Though there are many developers who made the compiled version. So make sure that you trust the developer from where you are downloading the build version of Chromium OS. Read the detail here

    Chromium is an open source operating system, any developer can use the source to build an OS. Google customized and enhanced the Chromium to use with its Chrome book and named it as Google Chrome OS.

    So you may download the source if you trust the website. But be cautious if there are no reviews.

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