Beware of Fake Tech Support Calls

Fake Tech Support CallsBe aware if you get a call from Microsoft Support Center saying that your computer is infected or saying to upgrade your system. Hang up this type of calls immediately. Because windows have no support center which monitors your computer or windows for any infection. Microsoft updated its windows OS automatically through their servers and its users responsibility to keep safe his computer from viruses and Malwares. Microsoft or its partner never calls you to offer fix your PC.  This is surely a call from Scammer who eyes on your money. Even he can offer you a Free Diagnosis. Never trust those calls.

They can even call you on the name of some other reputed companies like Apple, HP or some antivirus companies like Norton, McAfee, Avast, AVG etc. So always keep your eyes and ears open to identify the scam calls. They can also ask the remote Session to connect to your PC remotely. If you will allow them to connect to your PC they can be harmful to your PC. They can

  • Install some Malware
  • Can steal sensitive data
  • Can show you errors by opening event viewer and ask your to pay to fix that. Which are actually not the errors.

If you get already scummed by these calls change all your sensitive passwords immediately from some other computer not from the infected PC. Or do this after scanning your computer completely using a good AntiVirus and AntiMalware.

If you get charged using your credit card. Try to contact your bank to reverse the transaction.

Tech Support

Tips if you really need Tech Support Services.

  • If you really need technical help then you can keep some reputed tech support companies phone number handy or call some good company by searching on Internet.
  • Never subscribe for a long term support plan like 1 years, 2 year or 3 years. If you really need a long term plan you can go for a yearly subscription and only from the reputed tech support company. Because if a company is new they can stop supporting you after first support. If possible either ask for a one time support or take a monthly subscription plan.
  • Always search and read reviews before subscribing to any unknown tech support company.
  • Never give your Credit card info on Phone.
  • Never enter your credit card info for payment on your computer if remote session is active. Always stop remote session before making payment.
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