DreamSpark Free Educational license to the students for Microsoft Software products


Microsoft Dream SparkCollege students are getting a Free or discounted software from mostly every software vendor. Now Microsoft also took this idea and introduced the DreamSpark program where students and academic institutions can get certain Microsoft software and tools for free.

Eligibility for the Program?

If you’re attending a certified senior high school or college in any of the eligible nations, you’re qualified for that DreamSpark program.

Singing up for the DreamSpark program?

Students must get the access key for DreamSpark program from their school manager, who will also get the Keys once they first register their school or college with DreamSpark. In case your senior high school isn’t already registered with this program, the college administrator can fax copies from the accreditation certificate to Microsoft and, after verification, Microsoft will send your school some Access Keys for distribution one of the enrolled students.

The DreamSpark program is also available to the students who took their training at home. However in this situation, their parents must register with this program. Students who have an ISIC Card are also eligible for the DreamSpark program. College and College students get it slightly simpler. Just choose your country followed through the title of the college and verify your qualifications while using current email address that’s been designated for you through the institute. Most schools are listed on DreamSpark, which can make your register super easy. Should your college isn’t listed, look into the Options page which informs you that to whom to contact about registration in your country.

What software packages will i get with DreamSpark?

When you join the DreamSpark program, you’ll have the choice to download the following Microsoft software programs free of charge :

Expression Studio 3

Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

Home windows Server 2008 Standard Edition

SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition

etc. and there are lots more almost every software.

Furthermore, DreamSpark also provides free e-books, as much as 22 hrs of free e-learning courses on Microsoft technologies and 1 free Microsoft certification exam.

Will Microsoft ship the program Dvd disks?

Unlike MSDN or TechNet, Microsoft won’t ship you Dvd disks however, you can download the program contractors in the DreamSpark website itself.

Microsoft licenses the program for you for educational use. What this means is which you can use the program without restriction for college projects or personal projects. If you want to write or design something which you want to market, then you have to buy a standard licensed copy from the Microsoft software prior to selling your products.

Is the software expire after i graduate?

No! The program from DreamSpark may be the full version, and based on Microsoft, “You will continue to make use of the Software you acquired just before termination of the student status susceptible to the relation to this license.”

This really is obtained from the license agreement that you simply accept before you decide to download the program, so you can use any software that you simply download via DreamSpark. It will be free for private and non-commercial use forever.

Whenever you graduate, your DreamSpark membership will get terminated which means you won’t get access to new software editions released by microsoft. But the software which you have probably already downloaded will work.

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