Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Consultant

Are You Ready to Become an Internet Marketing Consultant?

Internet marketing consultant’s job is an interesting one and offers plenty of business opportunities for those pursuing it. However, to become a professional internet marketing consultant you need to have lots of experience and knowledge on different forms of marketing on the internet. It is also important that you analyze what your strengths and weaknesses …

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Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis tools

Top Keyword Analysis tools for your SEO Strategy

The basic substructure of SEO comprises of keyword research, quality content, on page optimization and an affective user interactive website. Keywords are the most important element of SEO. The right kind of keyword research enables to fetch the targeted content.

5 changes to seo 2015 that you should know

5 Changes to SEO In 2015 That You Should Know

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target. Search engines update regularly. A good SEO specialist should be able to adjust to the changes. You can say that SEO is ever evolving. So what has been changed in SEO marketing in 2015? This article is going to cover that.

Make Professional Videos in Minutes

Wideo – Online video studio to create animated videos

So what is a Wideo will likely be your first question? Simply put a wideo helps you to make professional animated videos in just minutes, and the best part is you can do it yourself. Express your ideas in animated and video way. It is not a desktop software but an online tool.

HTTPS - Secured Sites get boost in google ranking

Google Included HTTPS as ranking factor in its algorithm

Google is very conscious and worried about Internet security. It has invested plenty of its money and resources to ensure that its services make use of the best and most advanced security features. A good HTTPS encryption is something that Google considers to be very important when testing websites.

Avast 2015 Download, Review and Coupons

Computer users should invest in quality antivirus for maximum protection from viruses, spyware and malware. Avast 2015 is technologically advanced software that you can rely on for tablet and computer protection from all types of malicious programs. 

Bing Ads & coupons

Why Advertise on Bing? Get Coupons for Free Bing Credit

In recent times, Bing commercials have been quite popular on TV. The company is trying to amp up its service, and needs to prove something. Moreover, Bing is getting increasingly integrated into the Windows 8 platform. For many online marketers, there’s a tendency to forget that Microsoft Bing even exists.

Rank high in bing results

Tips to help your site rank high on Bing

A recent market research report on SEO showed statistics which suggest that the Bing & Yahoo combination has resulted in significant market share growth, with Bing accounting for 30.5% in the US, which is almost half the market share of Google.