Online advertising – different methods and where to advertise

Online AdvertisingOnline advertising is also known as internet advertising. It involves sending or transmitting promotional or awareness message to the potential customers through the means of internet media. You can find here different methods on online advertising and places or companies where you can start advertising. In the past, advertising was only referred to use print or limited electronic media. After the passage of time, when internet era came into being, advertising trend also had a twist. In the early age of internet era, it was not seemed to be a good idea to send promotional messages to the customers through internet because only a few people were internet users.

With the more advancements in the internet media and emerging trends in advertising, there have been introduced many other types of online advertising. For instance, modern types of online advertisement include email marketing, social media marketing (using Facebook, twitter, google plus, orkut and many others), display advertisement (such as banner displays on web pages) and etc. In the current age, online advertising is a huge business which is observing drastic development with the everyday passing. In the United States, this channel of advertising has suppressed the entire budget of other electronic media which is really incredible yet true.

Online advertising methods

There are many ways to advertise your business or website online. We are mentioning here a few methods where you can advertise your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC AdsToday most of the people who are searching online are using the search engine to find the information for what they need. Advertising on these search engine is the best and quick method to get traffic to your website or advertise your business. Most used search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. This search engines gives you an option show the paid results and they charge from you according the clicks you got on your advertising.

Google Adwords

Bing / Yahoo PPC advertising


Bing and Yahoo have partnered to display your ads on both the search engines.

Bing Yahoo ads coupon for $50

Other PPC networks that you can try which displays your ad on other websites instead of search engines.

Banners Advertising

You can also put your banners on other popular websites to show your ads or reach your target audience. provide you a plateform to find those websites who can publish your banner on their website and attract their visitors to see your ad.

Email Advertising

Email advertising is another good method to advertise online. Mostly all people who use computers check their mails daily or on regular bases. If you have a list of emails where you can send your mails. Then there are many companies which provide service to send your mails without any restriction to that list and you can track the clicks and views on your for your email campaign.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is also a great way to promote your brand or to advertise your product. You can advertise on Facebook, Linkedin who supports advertising on their network.

In the year 2013, overall revenues of internet marketing were as high as 38% more than compared to the year 2012. This clearly indicated the increasing popularity in online advertising. Along with the rapid and the incredible growth in the underlying sector, there are several controversies present in the regulation of the business. It needs to regulate the business outlines in concrete terms.

Apart from genuine business practices, there are some spamming activities are also found such as unwanted emails. There is no limit of industrial sectors in using the online advertising. It is being used almost in every industrial sector through virtual means. People are making good earnings through blogging as well.

The most recent trends in the online advertising business may include newsletters and online awareness schemes. These are widely being used by the giant companies and industrial leaders as well. This definitely creates an influence on the internet users. The online magazines and online awareness broachers are decent techniques to cover wide potential audience who do not frequently interact with the print media and television etc. Other modern trends include social media and networking website. In the recent years, use of social media for online advertising has rose up to 90 percent because of greater popularity these social networking Medias.

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