Bitdefender 2016

Bitdefender 2016 version is out now compatible with Windows 10

Bitdefender has launched its 2016 edition of its security products. In this article you will find the information what they have included in its new version. Download link and Links to Coupons & Promo Landing Pages from where you can buy or renew Bitdefender in cheaper price.

Android One

Android one smartphones

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems for smartphones in the world. Since Google started rolling Android, companies have been able to introduce numerous budget phones in the market. This has allowed people on tight budgets to buy smartphones without experiencing any problems. Google has come up with many different version of …

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Spy Pen camera

Spy pen cameras

Spy pen camera, yet another outstanding invention which allows the user to record or investigate a case prudently without anyone having a clue. There is a tiny camera fixed in a pen which can’t be seen and the pen keeps functioning normally, meaning that the pen can still perform its basic functions of writing.

Google's new Driverless car

Google’s new smart car – self driving vehicle

Self-driving cars is no more a novel concept. Google has launched the new self-driving car, taking the driving experience to a whole new dimension. The technology that has been employed was tested for many years by retrofitting the existing cars.

Fake Tech Support Calls

Beware of Fake Tech Support Calls

Be aware if you get a call from Microsoft Support Center saying that your computer is infected or saying to upgrade your system. Hang up this type of calls immediately. Because windows have no support center which monitors your computer or windows for any infection. Microsoft updated its windows OS automatically through their servers and …

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Online Banking Security

Only Bullguard, Avast, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Trusteer and Zemana passed the BBC Test

Only the Bullguard, Avast, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Trusteer and Zemana were able to block a banking virus according to BBC. Only these software passed the BBC Test conducted in 2012. Watch the BBC Click Program to check and find out that what is a financial malware and how this established Malware Zeus, tricks some of the most …

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