How to remove cookies from iphone

clear iphone cookies

clear-iphone-cookiesBrowser cookies are merely small bits of messages generated by your browser and stored on your device in the form of small files. They contain useful information about the websites that you visit such as session token, login information or the user preferences and are sent back to the website the next time you visit the same sites. Such cookies are called the first party cookies. There is also another type of cookies, the third party cookies, which are generated from the third party advertisements on a site.

Cookies can eat up the memory of your iPhones and slow down its performance. So purging your iPhone of useless cookies every now and then is necessary to enhance its performance. Browsing the internet on the iPhone becomes really sluggish with a horde of cookies is clogging up your iPhone’s memory. Page loading speed also slows down. So, deleting the cookies seems to be the simplest solution to boost up the performance of your device.  But before you take that step, keep in mind that cookies are necessary for browsing of certain sites and deleting certain cookies can drastically decelerate the access to those sites.

Deleting persistent and third party cookies, however, can have a major impact on the overall performance and efficiency of your device. Persistent cookies (cookies that are stored in your browser memory until you manually delete them or they get expired) especially tend to devour your device’ memory and slow down its functioning. So, deleting them regularly is very essential.

Certain simple steps can help you get rid of these annoying cookies within no time at all. To do so,

  • Go to your iPhone’s “settings”.
  • Go to the “safari” option.
  • Tap on “clear cookies and data” to delete all the cookies.
  • To confirm it, tap it again.

Now, exit the settings by choosing the home button to return your device to the standby mode. Another way to prevent these cookies from accumulating is to browse in “private mode” so that no record and traces of your browsing activity get recorded in the form of cookies.

Thereby, you can dispose of all the bothersome cookies within a matter of seconds. This will help you speed up your browser performance as well as improve the overall operations and functions of your iPhone so that you can enjoy browsing on your Iphone, making the experience all the more fun.

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