How to retrieve iphone restriction passcode

Reset iphone restriction passcode

reset-iphone-restriction-passcodeIt becomes a real panic when you lose your iPhone restriction passcode. In a usual term, there is no other way to do set it up as a new device. Commonly this method works for the people who are not that much concerned about their data saved in the phone.

For the rest of the people, who have settled in a lot of work and running numerous projects through their iPhone, it will definitely make an immense panic situation. The fear of losing the sensitive information is real trouble for any person. Yet if you are a domestic user, you can simply reset your phone to remove the restrictions. However, for those who do not want to lose the information should try the following procedure in accordance with the prerequisites as well.

You should download iPhone back up extractor and install it in your phone. The software is modern and does not work on older devices. This is readily available on the internet; you can get it from Google.

After once you download the application, simply open it let it do its work itself. Followed by successful downloading, you should open the app. It will start extracting automatically. When it will complete the extraction process, a list will be shown on the screen consisting of the previous backups. Here you will be able to choose the backup from where you aspire to extract your desired pass code.

After selecting the required backup, check out the upcoming list carefully and scroll it up to the bottom. Select iOS files where ever you find and extract those files. It is recommended to save the extractions on the easily reachable place so that a new mess should not be created to search and search.

Here you need to show some patience. Usually it takes a minute or two but in some cases, it might take some extra time to allocate the backups to the actual positions again. This process may take several more minutes, so here you should not show hurriedness otherwise you will not able to get your desired outcome. After completion, you should open the file named iOS files in the extraction folder where you earlier saved it. In the iOS files, search for the file named as “” and open it. During scrolling to the whole list of its properties, you will encounter a file named “SBParentalControlsPin”, and to the right side of this name, you will find the desired key. This is actually what you desired for. You can enter it as a restriction pass code and get rid of the mess!

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