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TechsmithTechSmith is a renowned software company founded in the 1987 in Michigan by William Hamilton, specializing in the developing screen castings tools including editing and recording software and screen capture for both Mac OS and windows.

The company utilizes government agencies, corporations, small businesses and educational institutions to provide software for professionals throughout the world. Their main corporate offices are in Okemos, Michigan but they also have other offices in the Tokyo, Japan, from where they run and operate all their amazing products including, Snagit, Jing, Camtasia, Morae and Coach’s Eye, most of their products are used to teach as well as instruct persons in video and screen recording, on-screen drawing and other enhanced editing capabilities. TechSmith provides its services across 180 countries for both individual and professional use; the main goal of the company is to provide their clients with unique tools that work across multiple devices and locations, this has been possible by the pairing of their desktops products along with their mobile apps. Below is a review of their main products.

TechSmith products’ Review


Snagit is a screen capture and editing tool developed by the TechSmith Corporation, the software enables the user to captures animation, text and graphics in the form of images, with Snagit you can easily customize your screen capture with exceptional effects in a matter of seconds. You can also use it to create quick videos by recording your desktop’s screen and getting rid of the unwanted sections. Additional features include ability to combine images, magnifying effects and blur, in terms of saving and share you can save the images into computer in either URLS or embed code format and send them to your friends through Google Drive amongst other Snagit’s sharing options, TechSmith Snagit review provides in depth details about this amazing products from TechSmith Corporation which is available on free trail for a period of 30 days after which you can buy the software.

TechSmith Snagit



The Morae software by TechSmith was released in June 2009 for market research, it’s most appropriate for businesses, academies and marketing research firms as it enables them to carry out preliminary usability test, product design, focus groups, prototype and hardware testing. The main goal of the software is to assist in site identification as well as application design problems. The software automatically calculates and generates graphs which show the efficiency and effectiveness of the new product to be introduced in the market. In case of focus groups you can use Morae to capture the interactions and share the results more quickly.

Techsmith Morae


The Camtasia software is available in both Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Studio for Windows, share knowledge or ideas as well as spread the word with a video by utilizing this software; it has enhanced editing tools which enables you to create great video content, you can share the content with anyone, anywhere.

Techsmith Camtasia Studio


Jing enables you capture video, animation, still images and share them on the web, you can also enhance your online conservations with this software; capture what you see , record what you do and quickly share with your friends or post it on your website.

TechSmith Jing

TechSmith continues to develops numerous applications with the aim of narrowing communication gaps through videos, images, remote usability testing and online hosting.

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