What is domain authority? How to check and increase it.

What is domain authority and how to increase itDomain authority (DA) is an important factor for your blog. DA is simply the measure of the power of a domain name. Domain authority affects the ranking of a blog. Higher the authority a blog has, better the ranking of the blog. There are many factors on which it is being calculated. 

There are various factors available to measure the DA value of your blog. DA has a range from 0 to 100. You can use these tips to get a better domain authority score.

Tools to check Domain Authority

Checkout the below online tools to check the Domain Authority & Page Authority of your website.

Tips to increase domain authority

Age of the Domain

How old is your domain and for how long your have booked that show the seriousness of your work for that domain. If you are new starter you can book your domain for longer period to increase the domain authority.


Links are also play important role but only good links increase the domain authority and toxic links can decrease the authority or google may penalize you. These links are of two types.

Internal Links

These are the links from one post in your blog to other post. When you are writing a content, if there already exists a post which is related to the content you are about to write, you can mention that article in the new content by providing links inside the article. It let the user to find the related information easily.

External Links

These are links that your blog or website got from other websites who give reference of your blog or page. Never try to build unnatural links. Just write the quality content you will get the natural links without any efforts.

Marketing Your Content

Start marketing your content right now. You need to make sure people see your content. To the more people your content reaches, the more link backs you get. to market your content you can either use the Paid Advertising or try to share your blog on social media and start giving reference to your friends.

Check the quality of your links

Not every back link you get will help your blog. There might be come low quality, bad links to your site. Do a clean-up on those and try to remove all bad links to your blog. Do not try to buy high volume of backlinks online because those links will be of low quality and authority. Quality is the key thing here.

Write High Quality Content

As they say, content is the king in blogging. Always write blog posts that makes sense. People are coming to your blog either to get the information they need or to get a solution to the problems they are facing. So don’t let them down. Write posts in a simple and understandable way and don’t forget to be descriptive enough. Use the tags, category and keywords properly in the article and make sure there are no error in the post before you publish it. Try to use images or info-graphics that users can easily understand what you want to express. It make the users more engaging to let them to share your post to other as well. So quality matters.

Do social media optimization

Don’t just depend on search engines only for traffic. You need to make a very good presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Social medias will give you brand value. Get more likes and followers to your page and publish your posts in there too. If your content is that good, people will share it and you will get even more post reach. In this way, you can reach more people and it will directly result in getting more authority.

Have some patience!

Even though you do everything possible to increase your domain authority, it won’t just happen in the blink of an eye. You need to give it some time. The age of a domain is importance factor for DA so wait for it sometime.

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