BullGuard 90 days free trial download for Internet Security


Bullguard is a popular growing antivirus company and now offering 90 days free trial download under its promotion scheme. Download from the below bullguard promotional link to get a 3 months free trial for BullGuard Internet Security. BullGuard

This is a direct download link from the BullGuard website so it is totally safe to download and install the 90 days trial of this award winning Bullguard antivirus. Bullguard Internet security suite is a complete feature packed package for overall security of your computer.

Download Bullguard 90 Days Trial

It includes:

  • Free PC tuneups.
  • Free 5GB online backup.

Bullguard is based on bitdefender antivirus engine which is the no. 1 antivirus engine. BullGuard enhanced their product to make it more powerfull.

Bullguard 90 days trial


In AV Test BullGuard Scored very well. Online backup space is very easy to use and powerful to keep your important data safe. It simply acts like a drive alongwith your own computer drives in my computer. So backup and restore is so easy with BullGuard online backup space. Its worth to try it.

Download and enjoy for 90 days! If you like it you can purchase it after 3 months it will give you the 15 months protection in 12 months price.

New updated Bullguard 2015 – 90 Days Free download link and 70% Off

 BullGuard Internet Security 2015 – 70% Off Offer and 90 Days Trial download

The above link will also provide you a 70% Promo Discount on Internet Security 2015. This is special promo link and you will not found it anywhere else.

Bullguard Internet Security Review

If you are using a Windows system, then you should not rely solely on the Windows supplied Internet security feature because it is not capable of keeping your system safe from viruses malware and other online threats. It makes more sense to use dedicated Internet security software like the one called Bullguard Internet Security. This particular Internet Security software has a number of features that will do a complete job of providing total protection to your computer. Before you pick Internet Security software, you have to make sure that it performs well in the face of attacks from various malware and other threats.

Bullguard 90 days free trial download and 70% Discount offer


When tested, the Bullguard Internet Security was ranked among the top 25 of most outstanding Internet Security software in terms of its ability to protect, perform and offer maximum usability. Bullguard was exposed to more than twenty thousand samples of common malware and it managed to detect each and every one of the twenty thousand threats. The industry average is just 98 percent detection. Also, when Bullguard was exposed to new threats it detected an amazing 97 percent of new threats and a few months later, it detected 100 percent of new threats against an industry average of just ninety-four percent.

Bullguard Internet Security also performed admirably well when it was tested for drag in performance while users visited websites and downloaded software. There was also no drag when users tried to install and run programs and there was also no drag when users copied data. In fact, Bullguard performs better than the industry average of 3 seconds by doing everything in just one second. In this very short time, it detects every threat and that too without significantly retarding the performance of your system. When it was tested for usability, it again came out trumps. In just three instances out of approximately 90000 samples did it misdiagnose a threat. Even when tested very rigorously Bullguard demonstrated that it is much better than the rest in those areas, which are critical to evaluating Internet security.

Bullguard is also ranked among the top ten Internet security software because it has a huge list of features. Even so, it does not have a password manager and it also does not boast of having a virtual keyboard or even a file shredder. Even without these features, Bullguard has more features than the average Internet security software suite. It does boast of features like:

  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-phishing
  • Mail and Instant messaging safeguards
  • Safer browsing
  • Anti-spam
  • Automatically scans removable media
  • Protects you when you use social networking sites, and more

All in all, the Bullguard Internet Security software is way better than the average security software that you come across on the market. It does more than protect your system because it also provides excellent help and support services. Whereas as most Internet security software vendors only provide support during certain hours and that too via email or phone, Bullguard will provide support throughout the day and night and you can reach their customer support executives via live chat whenever the need for such help and support arises.
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