Need of a good antivirus software

Need of a good antivirus program

Need of a good antivirus programWe live in a world where computers play a big role in our lives. This is because it can both entertain us as well as make our lives easier to do. However, there is always a risk to your computer. This risk is so big that it can potentially cause your computer to get broken and unusable. The risk is called a computer virus.

Computers are so important in our lives. This is because most of the things that we do are controlled and managed by computers. With the help of these computers, our lives have become easier and more efficient to experience. However, there is a big problem that your computer may experience. This problem is serious enough that can cause your whole computer to have big issues in the future. This problem is called a computer virus.

There are people that think that it is easy to destroy a virus since all you will need is an antivirus scanner. But in reality, not all kinds of antivirus scanners can actually destroy viruses. especially if those viruses are considered to be very strong. Only a handful of antivirus scanners can detect a problem, let alone destroy it. Thus the need to have a good antivirus program is a must.

There are a lot of different kinds of viruses that can harm your computer completely. There are some that would destroy precious files on your computer, while there are some that would steal information from your computer. Viruses can be a big bane to a computer, and ultimately to the owner of the computer.

Other then the viruses there are other threats which are hard to detect even by some reputed antivirus programs are Malwares, Trojan horses, worms etc. So it is now very important that your antivirus program should have all the features to protect you fully from all kind of threats.

Is Free Antivirus software is good for me?

You will find several good examples of free anti-virus software which have excellent reputations. Included in this are Microsoft Security Essential, Avast!, AVG Free and Sophos Anti-virus for Mac etc.. If you’re considering opting for free software application then the most crucial factor is you research round the software to discover what it really defends against and just how effective it’s considered to become. Online reviews using their company clients could be a great way to determine effectiveness in addition to reviews and rankings by trustworthy tech websites. Again, the most crucial factor is that you update your software regularly, as with every single day, to prevent risks.

The basic idea is that if you are not using internet on your computer then you can go for a Free Antivirus Program which help you to protect your computer from simple threats and you don;t have to spend money for a paid antivirus software.

Why pay for antivirus software or need to install a paid software?

When free software application works very well while offering seem protection you might question why anybody will pay for anti-virus software whatsoever. The important thing that differentiate generally would be that the software you have to pay for has capabilities that increase protection. This can include Identity theft protection, parental controls and tools to analyse the way your systems are carrying out. Another large advantage is support. With free software application you will not get the software support or you will see some annoying pop up ads with free software. For a paid antivirus software there is commonly telephone support that will help you through questions or problems and will not display any ads etc.

The simple thing is that if you are using internet on your computer for downloading etc. you need a paid antivirus software to keep you safe from all type of online threats. In paid software category you will see different variation of products to choose from like an Antivirus, Internet Security or Total security etc. Every company’s Basic product start from a simple antivirus and then the higher level is Internet security and at the top level they use Total protection etc. So choose carefully which one you need. We recommend that and Internet security works well in most of the cases.

1. Norton Internet Security

2. Bitdefender Internet security

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

Alongwith these antivirus we also recommend you to install a good antimalware program from these two. These two are the most reputable antimalware

1. Malwarebytes

2. Hitman Pro

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